April 2013

The Dogwatch from Red Dog Radios

  The Dogwatch
  Introducing the “Fido Filter”  
Red Dog Radios has had numerous calls from hunters who use two-way radios, but found that they reduced the range of their Garmin dog trackers and sometimes caused permanent damage to their Garmins.  So we developed and patented the “Fido Filter”. 

The Garmin Astro and Alpha receivers have very sensitive front-end receivers that operate in the same band as VHF two-way radios.  The Fido Filter attaches to the front end of your Garmin unit to filter out interfering and harmful emissions from VHF two-way radios.  We offer kits with the filters and quality antennas to give you an awesome hunting setup.

Cory, in Minnesota, says “My range with the filter/mag-mount is better than any I have seen”.

More on the Fido Filter
  Watchdog Pagers—the Best!  Here’s why:  
We’re proud to now offer Watchdog pagers:  “A man’s best friend is his dog …….a fireman’s best friend is his WatchDog”!

We love them because they:
  • Carry a 5-year warranty
  • Are made in the USA
  • Are IP66 rated, dust and water-proof
  • The most rugged pager on the market today
  • Are very loud
  • Can use AAA alkaline batteries
Our SAR and fire department customers who have evaluated these are impressed.  Let’s compare them to the widely used Motorola Minitor V pager:

Watchdog  Minitor V 
 5-year warranty  1-year warranty
IP66:  completely protected from
dust and temporary flooding
 Protected from driving rain
Standard AAA NiMH batteries, 
and can use AAA alkalines
 Motorola-proprietary batteries
LOUD Audio:  98dB  94 dB audio
Note:  a 4 dB difference translates to better than a 2x increase in loudness.

Watchdog pagers cost about the same as Minitor V’s, but are more than twice the pager!  And with a 5-year warranty, they’re definitely a better deal!

More on Watchdog

Yesterday afternoon I took my dogs for a walk in warm 65º weather.  Today it is 14º and snowing.  I love spring in Colorado!

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